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Yoga for the whole family!

GoodYoga is based on the premise that yoga is good for Every Body... with that in mind, Heather is happy to encourage the family to do yoga together!  The following are a few of the classes she holds in the area... or feel free to contact Heather to custom-tailor a class for your own famiy!

Mommy N Me

Mommy N Me Yoga classes offer a chance for families to bond, while children are impressionable. Like any activity, yoga can be practiced at an early age. As long as yoga practice is supervised, and the teacher is knowledgeable, parent and child will benefit in many ways.


Infant (0 months to early movers) Mommy N Me Yoga classes will be 45 minutes with 40 minutes of postnatal practice for Mommy and a 5 minute Infant Yoga and Massage component with relaxation techniques, music and singing.


Classes are currently held at The Nappy Shoppe in Plano, Texas.  Please visit

GoodYoga Kids! by YY4K

GoodYoga Kids! is a program that brings yoga to schools during after school hours.  By keeping classes small at 10-15 students, and by targeting specific age groups, the students are able to have interaction with the teacher and with each other during a weekly 45-minute session.  During the first few weeks of class, students are taught many of the basic poses of yoga as well as breathing and visualization techniques.  After the language and postures have become familiar, each student is given the opportunity to choose a pose to "teach" the rest of the class after practicing at home for the week.  The children really enjoy teaching each other as well as the teacher!

Yoga benefits children in many ways beyond simply gaining strength and balance.  Classes are structured to promote cooperation, team spirit, empathy, and self-esteem.  Emphasis is placed on acceptance of our own bodies and those of others.  Relaxation and visualization techniques, combined with breathing exercises, aid children in soothing and calming themselves in stressful situations such as test taking and public speaking. 

GoodYoga Kids! provides classes on a semester-by-semester basis at competitive rates.  A minimum of 8 students is required in order to schedule classes.  Classes are currently open to 2nd-5th graders, with other age groups to be added in the future.  Please contact Heather Hopper if you would like to start GoodYoga Kids! classes at your school, church, or recreation center.


Yoga classes for children incorporate breathing, music, yoga postures and stretching, stories and relaxation, which benefit children both psychologically and physiologically. Our new Homeschool Yoga classes are held mid-day to assist children who are being homeschooled in taking necessary motor breaks to relieve stress and anxiety during their typical school day. A new and exciting offering at The Nappy Shoppe is designed specifically to complement any homeschool education plan by creating an environment for children to learn vital skills that can be incorporated into all aspects of their life. 

In a typical class, children will be guided through age-appropriate exploration of yoga movements and activities that decrease stress and anxiety, and increase focus, concentration skills, community building and self-esteem.  During each session, the classs will focus on thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude and healthy living, presented at an age-appropriate level, using children’s literature.  Exploring these topics will help promote a positive and healthy lifestyle.


Classes end with visual imagery and relaxation, helping children discover the power of quieting the mind and body. Classes integrate relationship-building activities that allow children to mindfully practice compassion, support and respect in their relationships with others.  Recognizing that positive relationships are the result of a positive sense of self, children are encouraged to look within themselves to discover their own strengths and gifts. 

These new classes are designed to strengthen and stretch the entire musculoskeletal system, balance the nervous system, increase breathing efficiency, improve body awareness, encourage the development of communication and social skills, increase each student’s ability to self-regulate, and provide a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. 

All of the sessions are appropriate for children who are new to yoga, as well as for those who are continuing their instruction.


Email to have goodyoga create a class for your homeschool group!

Kids' Yoga Parties

Need a fun, active, and healthy alternative party for your kiddos?  Try a GoodYogaKids! party!  Children will learn the "SunDance", animal poses and sounds, play a yoga game or do a trust activity, participate in guided relaxation, and create a "yoga craft" such as a door hanger or an aromatherapy eye bag.  Adolescents will be guided through a short "flow yoga" class, start a gratitude journal, and do some partner poses.  Parent and Me parties are also available.  All GoodYogaKids parties are scheduled for one hour, including yoga, relaxation and craft activity. Please call or email for rates, which vary depending on the number of children, distance of travel, and type of craft. 


Please email Heather at to schedule a consultation for your yoga party!


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