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Why Take Private Yoga & Mindfulness?


Traditionally, yoga and meditation was shared between one teacher and one student.


Private yoga classes take into consideration your personal heath & fitness level, injuries and personal intentions. Your instructor can help you make physical adjustments and assist you with stretching more than they would ever be able to in a group class.  Your instructor can teach you how subtle adjustments in your alignment can help you create a strong foundation, ultimately leading you to a better understanding of yoga. You will, as a result, develop a stronger and definitely safer yoga practice. Every individual is unique and we all have different levels of awareness.


Reasons to take private yoga lessons:

New to Yoga: 
New students often feel overwhelmed when they go to a group class and can benefit immensely from receiving an instructor's complete attention. Receiving hands on adjustments ensure that you develop a safe yoga practice. You will develop a true understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques rather than getting lost when the speed of a group class is too much for you.

Decreased Risk of Injury: 
In a private yoga lesson, your instructor safely guides you through the series of asanas. I have very often seen people become competitive or overly ambitious and attempt to do the full version of a pose before they actually ready to. This greatly increases your risk of injury. In a private yoga class, your instructor always keeps tabs on what is appropriate for you and makes adjustments accordingly.

Busy Schedule:
Private yoga classes conveniently fit your schedule. Many people are just too busy to get in the car, brave traffic (always an issue here in DFW), find parking and practice yoga for an hour (or more) at the studio, then get back in the car and back into traffic... that leaves you anything but relaxed. Your instructor can come to your home or meet you at the studio at a time that is convenient for you and design a class specifically for you.

Your Needs Come First:
Private yoga classes are customized to fit your specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, restorative benefits for stress or emotional situations. Helping you work on specific goals like inversions or arm balances.

Developing Your Home Practice: 
A private instructor can customize a series of asanas (poses) and mindfulness exercises for you to practice on your own. For example, an energizing sequence to get you going in the morning and a relaxing, stress relieving sequence to do in the evening.

*If you feel distracted or competitive in a group yoga class, then a private class might be the perfect solution to assist you in approaching your practice with a deeper intent, understanding and focus.


To arrange a private or semi-private (up to 6 students) class, please contact Heather Hopper at 214-533-3856 or

Session fees range depending upon length of session, number of participants, and financial needs of the individual or family.


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