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The Mindful Tutor

Heather Hopper is a former public and private school teacher with 20 years tutoring experience. While she tutors all subjects 3-8 and most subjects 9-12, her true specialty is study and organizational skills, problem solving, and relaxation techniques for students with learning differences. She weaves mindfulness and even yoga practices into sessions for improvement of focus, executive function and stress relief.


If your child struggles with learning the skills in the classroom at grade level and needs another way of hearing the material, struggles to keep up due to learning loss or missing discussion in class, educational tutoring can help! 

Grades 3-8

Educational Life Coaching:

An Educational Life Coach for middle-high school students and young adults with weak executive functioning skills would be a supportive mentor who specializes in helping individuals develop the necessary skills and strategies to thrive academically and personally. They would work closely with each student to assess their strengths and weaknesses, create personalized action plans, and provide ongoing guidance and accountability. This coach would teach organizational techniques, time management strategies, and study skills tailored to the individual's needs, helping them navigate challenges and achieve their goals. Additionally, they would offer emotional support, encouragement, and motivation to build confidence and resilience in the face of difficulties. They could also collaborate with parents, teachers, and other professionals involved in the student's life to ensure a holistic approach to their development and success.

Grades 9 through college

If your child struggles with getting tasks completed on time, understanding how to start projects and papers, has dyslexia or dysgraphia, ADD or ADHD, test taking anxiety, or “studies too hard” to get the grades they do, Heather can help! Her schedule will be LIMITED in order to be able to serve her clients in the best way possible.

Email Heather to get a quote! Sessions meet at Haggard and Davis Libraries in Plano, Texas or virtually.



Virtual Tutoring grades 3-8



Virtual Tutoring grades 9-12



In-Person** Tutoring grades 3-8



In-Person** Tutoring grades 9-12



*Discount for pre-paid series of sessions (minimum 6 sessions)


**Sessions extremely limited, pre-qualifications apply


Ask about further discount packages and family multi-student sessions.



A Typical Session

  • Check-in: How are things going? How is the student feeling? Anything worrying/creating anxiety.

  • Landing Practice: Mindfulness practice to ground and center attention

  • Get Planning: What do we need to work on today?

  • Get Working: Attention to tasks needing completion/ preparing for tests/quizzes/projects.

  • Get Moving: Quick movement exercise to get blood moving.

  • Landing Practice: Mindfulness practice to re-group

  • Get Working

  • Get Planning: What do we need to prepare for the week ahead? Organize tasks/study/priorities.

  • Check-Out: How is the student feeling now? What do they need to do for success.

What parents are saying about the Mindful Tutor


Heather is truly someone very special. I have 2 boys who are very different ages and have very different academic and emotional needs. Heather works her magic with each of them so they both feel understood. She brings a light heartedness to the work so it feels less overwhelming and totally doable. She meets my sons at their level with gentle encouragement and a positive outlook. My boys are always happy to see Heather and are always in a better place after working with her. You won't find anyone more reliable, committed and caring out there. She's the best.


                                               Stephanie Molina, Plano ISD 


Heather is an amazing dedicated tutor. She tutored both my children to help them with study skills and developing math confidence. Beyond tutoring them to provide them the core knowledge and ability, she gave them both a solid foundation on how to study, how to organize their time and how to create study tools throughout the year such that they were incredibly well prepared at the time of exams. Both have flourished academically as a result of that foundation. We are eternally grate to Heather for all her guidance and support.


                                               Maria Ganson, Dallas


Heather first recognized the signs of dyslexia in my daughter as her 3rd grade school teacher.  She began tutoring her and helped her achieve academic success through part of middle school when we no longer needed her help.  She taught skills to my daughter that would be helpful to any child, but especially one with dyslexia.  She learned how to learn and prep for exams more efficiently. Heather has the perfect balance of discipline and caring in her approach.  For us, she is truly the best! 


                                                   Angie and Thom Bruner, Dallas


Heather Hopper is an extraordinary tutor and educator. She makes learning accessible for each student, tailoring the tutoring to the particular learning style and needs of each individual. She is knowledgeable in a variety of subjects and teaching methods plus she imparts useful life-long study skills.

Heather worked with my daughter for 8 years in lower, middle, and high school. In addition to help with various subjects, Heather taught my daughter study skills which have led to college success. When I watch my daughter study and prepare for her university classes I see Heather’s legacy of training and skills.

In addition to excellent academic assistance, Heather offers her students support, encouragement, and gentle nudging when needed. She is a joyful person and I recommend her 100%! Best tutor ever!


                                                    Heather Danamraj, Dallas




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